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Dr. Peter C.H. Pritchard at left and Damon Gerard Corrie at right.

Dr. Pritchard is the author of the book 'Encyclopedia of Turtles (ISBN 0-87666-918-6) and owner of the Chelonian Research Institute in Florida, USA.

Mr.Corrie is the founder and President of the Caribbean Herpetological Society.


Thread Snake
Barbados Thread Snake
(Leptotyphlops carlae)
The smallest and rarest snake in the world!
Sea Turtle
Hawksbill Sea Turtle Hatchlings
(Eretmochelys imbricata)
Barbados Iguana (Iguana sp.) -- this is a 6 foot long Adult male used for captive breeding called 'Godzilla'. 52 babies were born in captivity for the first time in July 2004.
Leaf-toed Gecko
Leaf-toed Gecko (Phyllodactylus pulcher) (Phyllodactylus Sp.) at left
Wall Gecko (Hemidactylus mabouia)
Barbados Microteiid
(Gymnopthalmus underwoodii)
Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle hatchling
(Chelonia mydas)
Leatherback Turtle
Leatherback Turtle hatchling
(Dermochelys coriacea)
Green Ameivas
(Ameiva ameiva)
Barbados Anole show male
Barbados Anole
(Anolis extremus)
CB Barbados Anoles
Pattern-back Giant Toad
Pattern-back Giant Toad
(Rhinella marina)
Gold phase 4" male Barbados Rhinella marina and pattern-back 9" Barbados Rhinella marina female
Captive-born baby Barbados Iguana
(Iguana iguana)
Barbados Whistling frog
(Eleutherodactylus johnstonei)
Juvenile Dwarf keeled Tegu
(Kentropyx borckianus)
Barbados Racer Snake
(Mastigodryas bruesi)
Barbados Cherry head
Barbados Cherry Head and 50% Albino Red-Footed Tortoise
(Chelonoidis carbonaria)
Iguanas hatching
Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana) last
of 37 eggs hatching at CHS HQ
Tortoise Eggs
Barbados Red Footed Tortoise Eggs
(Chelonoidis carbonaria)
Barbados Cherry head
Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)
CB in Barbados 3 weeks old
New Crab
Newly discovered by CHS Barbados Crab species
(Sp. unknown)


Barbados Vampire Crab
Barbados Vampire Crab (Epulotheres sp.)
Green Millipede
Dwarf Green Millipede
(Anadenobolus Sp.)
Chocolate Millipedes
(Rhinocricus sp.)
Yellow crabs
Caribbean Ghost Crab
(Ocypode quadrata)
Barbados Ivory Giant crabs
Barbados Ivory Giant crabs
(Cardisoma guanhumi)
Land Crab
Giant Land Crab
(Cardisoma guanhumi)
Orange phase SM
Barbados Pink Fiddler Crabs
Barbados Pink Fiddler Crabs
(Uca barbadensis)
Barbados Pink Fiddler Crabs
Barbados Giant Hill Crab
(Cardisoma quantami)
Spiny-backed orb weaver
Spiny-backed orb weaver
(Gasteracantha cancriformis)
Burrowing Roach
Barbados Giant Burrowing Roach
(Blaborous colosseus)
A flightless live-bearing species
Barbados Praying Mantis
(Stagmatoptera septentrionalis)
Stick Insect
Barbados Stick Insect Pair
(Bostra Sp.)
Stick Insect
Barbados Giant Stick Insects pair (Bostra Sp.)
Stick Insect
Barbados Giant Stick Insect pair mating (Bostra Sp.)
Click Beetle
Barbados Click Beetle
(Chalcolepidius porcatus)
Barbados Giant Yellow Centipede with offspring.
(Scolopendra s. subspinipes)
Barbados Giant Red Centipede with offspring.
(Scolopendra s. subspinipes)
Green Moth
Sphinx Moth
Hermit Crab
Barbados Land Hermit Crab
(Coenobita clypeata)
Aquatic Snail
Barbados Striped Aquatic Snail
Moon Crab
Lesser Antilles Mooon Crab
(Gecarcinus lateralis)
Whip Spide
Barbados Tailless Whip Spider CB Juvenile (Phrynus barbadensis)
Whip Spider
Barbados Tail-less Whip Whip Spider Adult
White Emperess Lepidopteran
Barbados Giant Sac Spider
Barbados Giant Sac Spider
(Chiracanthium diversium)
Orb Web Spider
Barbados Orb Web Spider
(Argiope argentata)
Barbados Metalic Painted Spider
Barbados Metalic Painted Spider
(Leucauge argyra)
A Camoflauged Barbados Moth
A Camoflauged Barbados Moth
A Camoflauged Barbados Moth
A Camoflauged Barbados Moth - head shot
Land Snail
Barbados Giant Land Snail
(Bulimulus oblongus)
Crayfish male
Barbados Giant Crayfish male
Female Crayfish
Barbados Adult Female Crayfish
Barbados 2-3" Crayfish
Barbados Crayfish
(Procambarus Sp.)
Yellow Centipede
Barbados Giant Yellow Centipede
(Scolopendra s. subspinipes)
Barbados Scarab Beetle
Pastel Yellow butterfly
Barbados Pastel Yellow Butterflies mating
Pastel Yellow butterfly
Pastel Yellow Butterfly eggs
Pastel Yellow butterfly
Pastel Yellow Butterfly caterpillars
Pastel Yellow butterfly
Pastel Yellow Butterfly Chrysalis
Pastel Yellow butterfly
Barbados Pastel Yellow butterfly
Pastel Yellow butterfly
Barbados Pastel Yellow Butterfly
top view
Barbados Grasshopper
Barbados Grasshopper
Pink Striped Moth
Barbados Pink Striped Moth
Zebra Beetle
Barbados Zebra Beetle
Leaf Litter Roach
Barbados Leaf Litter Roach
Long Horn Beetle
Barbados Long Horn Beetle
Barbados Pastel Striped land snail
(Orthalicus barbadensis)
Barbados Bronze Disc Land Snail
(Zachrysia provisoria)
Barbados Chocolate Swirl Land Snail
(Pleurodonte isabella)
Mole Cricket
Barbados Burrowing Mole Cricket
(Scapteriscus barbadensis)

Commonly called Velvet Worms - Peripatus are a very ancient species over 500 million years on the Earth - and existed before Centipedes, you might say they are like 'primordial centipedes' - but instead of having an exoskeleton and piercing their prey with venom tipped appendages near the mouth (as a Centipede does), these creatures shoot out a sticky web (much like Spiderman) and entagle the small arthropods they feed on. These are extremely rare in Barbados and the Society is attempting to breed them in captivity, anyone who discoveres one and is willing to donate it to our program will be publicly thanked on this website. Barbados Peripatus
Barbados Velvet Worm (Epiperipatus barbadensis)
top view

Caribbean Slug
Caribbean Slug
(Veronicella Sp.)
Pill Bugs
Pill Bugs
(Isopoda Sp.)
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