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Founded on September 11th 2002 by Damon Gerard Corrie - President
& private keeper of 41 species of Reptiles & Amphibians since 1990.


Membership is extended free of cost to anyone (worldwide) who owns
at least one reptile, amphibian. or invertebrate pet - regardless of
the species; or has an interest in reptiles and amphibians.
Society members shall encourage and promote an appreciation of the
role of reptiles, amphibians, & invertebrates in the ecosystem of
their own country, any member violating any part of the Society's
code of ethics will be immediately expelled by the President.
The Society is for serious, law-abiding individuals only, and
while our code of ethics is not retroactive - from the date of
your becoming a member you WILL be held to the highest standards
of any pet keeping society in the history of the Caribbean.


Society members resident in Barbados shall not engage in the illegal
import or purchase of illegally imported reptiles, amphibians, or
invertebrates species for the duration of their membership in the
society - except in accordance with section 3; further - local keepers
of any species of snake, crocodilian, or large lizard
(exceeding 24 inches/60 centimeters in length when fully grown) will
need to have each specimen individually licensed annually in accordance
with impending legislation.


Society members resident in Barbados who acquired reptile or amphibian
species that were obtained when Oughterson Zoo, and/or Ocean Park closed;
or that were illegally imported into Barbados PRIOR to their becoming members
of the Caribbean Herpetological Society must declare any such species in
their possession to the President of the Society,and may not transfer
ownership of said specimens to anyone other than a member of the Society.


Society members resident in Barbados MUST be willing to cooperate fully
with the Ministry of the Environment and Veterinary Services at any time
and in any way requested of them by the aforementioned authorities, as
policy ALL records of species (and quantities of species)kept,full names,
postal addresses and telephone numbers of local members of the Caribbean
Herpetological Society will be provided to the Ministry of the Environment.


Society members shall uphold the dignity of the science of Herpetology and
shall not engage in unethical conduct (i.e. such as displaying snakes,
crocodilians or large lizards in public unless at a Society approved
educational event or other function (one day fair, school etc.) or house
their specimens in inadequate/sub-standard temporary or permanent
accommodation (unless for transportation only).


Society members must observe national wildlife protection and
possession laws, Barbadians are not permitted to possess any
venomous species of reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate.


Society members must provide adequate care, humane treatment,
and Society approved accommodation for each reptile, amphibian,
& invertebrate species in their collection.


Only members of the Caribbean Herpetological Society will be
allowed to purchase non-native imported live specimens (that were
approved for import by the Ministry of the Environment and Veterinary Services)
by Exotic Tropicals; and the purchaser must also construct/purchase Society
approved accommodation, as well as literature on the proper care &
maintenance of the species in question. Members resident in Barbados are
forbidden to re-sell/trade/give-away any non-native imported species to
anyone other than a fellow member of the Society - and must inform the
President of any such transfer of ownership within 7 days of transaction.

Any non-native imported specimen purchased by a member from Exotic Tropicals
that perishes MUST be placed in a sealed container/bag (refrigerate in transit
if necessary if not available to transport specimen on day of expiration) and
taken to Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Pine St. Michael;
this includes all previously acquired  species mentioned in section 3.
Failure to comply with this  Caribbean Herpetological Society requirement will
be viewed as "a  convenient story to mask the unauthorized re-sale/trade/gift
of your specimen" and your membership in the CHS will be revoked - and
notification of your expulsion and reasons why - will be sent to the relevant
authorities. Any and all offspring produced by reptile or amphibian species
owned by members of the Society must only be sold/traded/given to fellow members
of the Society - with all information (species, quantity, purchasing member/s etc.)
being provided to the President for official record keeping and governmental
oversight transparency.

Copyright © 2014 Damon G. Corrie